CNC Pipe Cutting

Addressing numerous requests for automatic pipe cutting, Ficep UK has added to their product line the HGG ProCutter 600 line of CNC pipe cutting. This automated system features full CNC contouring of pipes for the typical pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-plate connections currently required in structural steel projects. HGG, based in Holland, is the premier manufacturer of CNC pipe cutting systems in the world today. This company has a unique background as their core business was historically pipe cutting. As this business grew and the requirements of their customers became more expansive, HGG quickly determined that the current pipe cutting equipment that was available in the market did not sufficiently address their current demands let alone the anticipated future requirements of the market.

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CNC ProCutter 600

CNC Pro Cutter 600Faced with this challenge, they started the development of automated pipe cutting solutions to enhance their competitive position in the market. As these solutions were developed, improved and integrated into their operation, they saw the opportunity to offer these products to other pipe fabricators in the world. Understanding the unique advantage that HGG had achieved in the Dutch market and the surrounding countries, they did not want to offer this technology to competing firms. This did, however, open up the opportunity to market this revolutionary technology in markets outside of their typical market for pipe fabrication.

This approach has given HGG a unique opportunity to develop innovative new CNC pipe cutting technology and prove the system in the HGG fabrication facility long before it is offered to the world market.

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The CNC ProCutter 600 handles pipe up to 24" in diameter and 40 ft. in length to address the typical broad range of applications that confronts a structural steel fabricator in today's market. The unit can be furnished with oxy-fuel or plasma depending upon the application. This system can also be fully interfaced with such CAD packages as Tekla.

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