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Dual Drill Spindles Increase Productivity by Over 40%!

The Ficep Gemini plate processing line with its unique secondary axis for each spindle enhances the productivity by over 40% when compared to single spindle palate processor. The auxilliary axis, in conjunction with the second spindle, is like having two plate drilling systems in the same footprint and with the same operator.

Holes do not have to be aligned to engage the second spindle as each one operates totally independently so both spindles are fully operational simultaneously. When you consider the 40% productivity increase for relatively little additional cost, this is why users are constantly opting for the dual spindle advantage!

  • Process plate up to 2.5 - 3.0 - 3.6 or 5.0 Meters in width.
  • Twin beam construction supports the drill spindles on both sides for added rigidity. The spindles are not mounted outside of the frame.
  • Gantry system eliminates lost time when loading or unloading the table regardless of the part sizes.
  • Irregular shaped remnants can be effectively process as the stock material is stationary.
  • Maximum material utilization since it is not necessary to clamp the material for positioning.
  • High performance 6,000 RPM spindle with a ball screw feed
  • The system can be provided with two drilling spindles and multiple torches for increased productivity.
  • Secondary "X Axis" permits hole patterns to be generated without having to reposition the gantry.
  • Optional automatic chip evacuation.
  • Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting systems.
  • Oxy-fuel and plasma beveling heads available
  • Guaranteed accuracy with rack and pinion positioning and measuring systems.
  • Irregular stock plates or drops can remain on the table and utilized later without having to unload the drop only to return it to the table later.
  • Since the material clamp is internal to the Gemini, the entire stock can be used to minimize scrap.
  • Guaranteed accuracy regardless of rust and mill scale
  • Automatic tool changer for up to 24/48 tools
Model Plate Width Plate Length (Min) Drills Tools Secondary X Axis
Gemini 25 HPE 2,500 mm 6,000 mm Yes 8 / 24 Yes

Gemini 32 HPE

3,100 mm 6,000 mm Yes 8 / 24 Yes

Gemini 36 HD

3,600 mm 6,000 mm Yes 24 Yes
Gemini 36 XD 3,600 mm 6,000 mm Yes 24 Yes
Model Plasma Oxy/Fuel Bevel Head
Gemini 25 HPE Optional Optional Optional
Gemini 32 HPE Optional Optional Optional
Gemini 36 HD Optional Optional Optional
Gemini 36 XD Optional Optional Optional

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