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Ficep UK Provide the Highest Ratio of Service Engineering Staff to Installations in the Industry!  

Ficep UK was founded at the start of 2000, it consisted of a two people, Bob King in service and Mark Jones as Director with a handful of existing customers. Prior to the founding of Ficep UK all sales and service were carried out by agents. With the rapid expansion of Ficep's industry-leading technology it enabled us to quickly gain a substantial market share in the UK by offering to the industry technological solutions that were not previously available to fabricators in the industry.

The market need for better CNC solutions that achieved high accuracy, productivity and technology that was previously not available enabled us to achieve over 200 CNC system installations in this short period of time.

The business growth drove the company to expand on the service support levels that customers demanded. We appreciate that with most of our customers our CNC line represents the heart of their production facility, and if any breakdowns occur, the entire manufacturing operation would suffer almost immediately.

From the start we realised the importance of supporting customer’s requirements for continued support from both our parent company and the UK operation, as such we have invested in key personnel and systems to accommodate the fast reaction demanded by customers.  Our continuous investment in service to support all our equipment in the field is paramount to the success of our curtomers.

The size of a customer service organisation compared to the number of installations is extremely important, but this is only part of a successful support plan as the organisation within the team and their ability to embrace state-of-the-art technological solutions is what is behind a successful customer service team!

Presently 80% of Incoming Service Calls are Resolved Remotely!

The progressive changes that have been implemented to-date permit us to now resolve 80% of customer requests on the same day. This is a testament to the power of the Ficep "TeleService" which through the internet unleashes the diagnostic power of our PC based control system so we can effectively place an engineer on-site in minutes! The same diagnostic routines, parameter changes, software installations, etc. that our engineers traditionally performs on-site can now be implemented remotely through the internet.

Please review some of the investments and progressive changes that have been implemented during the past few years to grow our customer support.

Services and Operations

As you can see from the above-stated examples of recent changes at Ficep UK, a lot has occurred during the recent years with our customer service. We are committed to continue to invest and improve in this area to make sure we deliver the best customer service that you can experience!