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Setting the benchmark for machine tool manufacturers

Steel Projects

FICEP is the world leader in the production of CNC steel processing machinery for the structural steel and metal fabrication industry. It has the widest range of production solutions for both large and small companies who looking to automate and upgrade their production facilities to maximise productivity and minimise production costs.

The Excalibur 12 is one of these high performance machines. This small footprint, automatic CNC beam line for drilling shaped and flat profiles, is aimed at small to medium sized Structural Steel Fabricators who may not have the space or output to justify the installation of a multiple spindle drilling line.

The Excalibur offers fast carbide drilling, scribing, slotting, tapping, countersinking of beams and requires 50% of the space of a conventional beam drilling line.

Ficep were one of the first companies to manufacture the monospindle gantry drilling line to process beams using a cantilever system. The beam to be processed is firmly clamped in position and scanned by electro-mechanical sensor. The drilling head will then automatically move along the loading table to complete the working cycle.

It also has the ability to load multiple short pieces along the loading table which allows the operator to continually rotate pieces while the system is drilling. The excellent productivity of the Excalibur is typically equivalent to 8 to 10 employees using manual methods, this can result in a return on investment that can be as little as 12 months.

Operators of the Excalibur are typically over 30% more productive than those working on competitive models as the wireless remote control feature of the Excalibur eliminates the need for the operator to stand by the CNC control of the machine. The operator is therefore able to respond quickly to such events as a drill bit starting to fail.

The Excalibur is just one of FICEP's product range of high performance CNC machines for drilling, marking, cutting, sawing, punching, coping of beams and plate, set the benchmark for every other machine tool manufacturer.


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