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The FastRotator from FICEP

Saves FLI Structures up to 2 hours of welding and fabrication downtime for every tower structure they produce

Steel Projects

FastRotator is an innovative machine that provides production improvements in the welding and fabrication process by its smooth, easily controlled and rapid rotation of work pieces, which reduces the waiting time for overhead cranes or forklift truck when turning or handling of components.

When FLI Structures, the UK's No.1 manufacturer of tower structures and screw pile foundations, expanded their production from their original factory into another facility with a low roof, they were unable to install an overhead crane. The rotation of every fabricated tower structure therefore required the use of a forklift truck to turn each workpiece up to 5 to 6 times before welding could be completed at each welding workstation.

Now the new fast rotators saves up to 2 hours per unit as the welder now has individual control of the turning process so that each work piece can be rotated in a precise and controlled way to ensure the welding and fabrication work is a far more continuous process, which massively reduces downtime and maximises productivity. The forklift truck is now only required for loading and unloading operations. The FastRotators also made the welders job much safer as turning large items with a crane or Forklift is not ideal and therefore their exposure to this risk was actually greatly reduced or totally eradicated.

The company has purchased a total of 10 FastRotators and are delighted with the improved productivity and cost savings that are achievable resulting in a rapid return of investment.

Andy James, FLI Works Manager, had this to say,
" We have used these rotators on a number projects since purchasing them but the major one would be the supply of gantry steel to Network rail's OLE (Overhead line electrification) project. These particular structures can be up to 25 metres in length and weigh up to 6 tonnes, so the Rotators have been a great asset in helping us to reduce production times to meet the delivery deadlines involved."

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