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ERNST Modular Deburring Machines from FICEP – the ideal surface finishing process for sheet metal components

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ERNST, located in Eschelbronn near Heidelberg, Germany, has long been acknowledged as a world leader in edge and surface treatment technology for sheet metal deburring machines.

ERNST machines, now distributed by FICEP UK, are proven to be up to 7 times more productive and cost-effective than old fashioned grinding methods for deburring, edge rounding, de-oxidising, edge breaking and surface graining of plate components - even when there is component distortion and surface height height variations of up to 6mm.

By choosing their ideal ERNST module configuration, a customer can create the world's most economical and cost-effective deburring and finishing machine and surface finishing process that best suit their production processes.

ERNST machines with the appropriate module configuration can remove large and hard burrs after any different types of cutting ( oxy, plasma, laser, etc ), and offer precise edge breaking ( regardless of shape, size and complexity of parts ), remove oxide up to 25mm deep, provide edge rounding up to 2mm. The wide belt technology also provides graining of aluminium & stainless steel surfaces and washing and drying modules can be added if required


These stand-alone and versatile modular deburring machines range from the low cost Pluto and Titan models, for components up to 1400mm, to the larger modular Atlas and Neptun models. The Atlas machine was the world's first modular deburring system and like the Neptun ( a wet deburring system ), further modules can be added when required to meet a customer's changing production processes many years after the original installation.

The deburring drum itself rides on a cushion of air to remove material by applying uniform grinding pressure to the inside and outside contours of the component and will compensate for surface height variations of up to 6mm. Various options securely hold down components as small as a credit card on to the conveyor belt to ensure a uniform finish and the efficient, flow-optimised dust extraction hoods enhance cleanliness, thereby helping to avoid health hazards for the operators, and saving energy.

The Ernst machines also save money by reducing abrasive consumption.

Ernst steel wire brushes have an extremely long life time the same brushes can be used for many years. The open sheet grinding paper also has a much longer life because the Ernst deburring drum only processes the edge of the component and not the whole surface.

When compared to manual deburring, the ERNST range of machines offer users a faster payback, higher productivity, lower labour costs with reduced abrasive consumption. Users can expect enormous improvements in quality, greater consistency, tremendous cost savings, reduction in lead times and a very welcome avoidance of health hazards associated with manual deburring such as dust inhalation and hand/arm vibration injuries.

FICEP have already successfully installed the Ernst machines into numerous Fabricators, Service Centres and OEMs. Others users and industry sectors include structural steel construction, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, machine tool manufacturers and the many other companies that operate thermal cutting equipment.

For further details of ERNST Modular Deburring Machines, please contact FICEP UK on 01924 223530,