Ficep Open House at ADF Group Inc.

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Attended by Fabricators Throughout North America

On June 19 and 20 fabricators throughout North America took the opportunity to witness firsthand the results of the $10,000,000 equipment investment that ADF made with Ficep recently. Prior to the actual equipment demonstrations, those in attendance listened to a brief presentation of the ADF project criteria and how Ficep addressed the wants and needs of the ADF Group Inc.

ADF open House 003.jpg

Steel Projects staff members out of their Montreal, Quebec office also made a brief presentation of their integrated software packages and how this was interfaced with the existing ADF Group Inc. software. They also explained the software objectives that were part of the ADF Group Inc. project.

  • The ability to import XML files from Tekla to not only achieve holes, cuts and copes but all scribing data.
  • To automatically generate the scribing program with the detail part number, location and match maker on the detail and main members.
  • Increase utilization with computerized nesting of plates and sections.
  • Full integration at the machine level with ADF's stock control with remnant tracking back to stock.
  • Production scheduling based upon system's capabilities and availability.
  • Integration of the system's production into the ADF's system in "real time".

Jean Paschini, the CEO of ADF Group Inc., also made a presentation about the firm and the types of projects that they fabricated in the past.

The open house presentation was delivered in French on the 19th and in English on the 20th in order to accommodate all fabricators of North America in their native language.