Structural Steel Material Handling Systems

Structural steel material handling systems are used to lift, transfer and manoeuvre heavy structural steel members during fabrication and processing. These heavy-duty handling systems can include roller conveyors, horizontal unloaders and cross transfer systems, and can incorporate extensive automation to maximise operational efficiency.

The material handling systems can process sections up to 50 Kg per Mtr or, as an alternative, a heavier material handling system can be furnished to process sections up to 1,000 Kg or more per Mtr. The material handling system consists of roller conveyor, horizontal unloaders and cross-transfer systems that are either of the lift and carry or chain driven dog design.

Ficep S,p,a's modular material handling system design permits a customer to design a system that is specifically tailored to their existing plant facility and objectives. This modular system enables us to offer a cost effective solution by employing standard building blocks in a configuration that matches a fabricator's requirements.

Virtually every structural steel fabricating facility is different and the short and long term goals in creating an automated material handling system are varied. Ficep UK offers a building block system of standard material handling modules to engineer a custom solution to meet your current and long term goals. Regardless if you require the ability to process sections weighing 50 Kg per Mtr and less or up to 1,000 Kg or more per Mtr, our roller conveyors, transfer tables and automated magnetic unloading systems are designed to meet your task!