Pipe and Tube Processing Equipment

Automated steel pipe and tube processing equipment is used to fabricate steel pipes for use in multiple structural applications. Automated pipe cutting machines are able to contour pipes for all typical pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-plate connections frequently required in steel structures. Pipe cutting machines often incorporate oxy-fuel or plasma cutters.

Addressing numerous requests for automatic pipe cutting, Ficep can suppy full CNC contouring of pipes for the typical pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-plate connections currently required in structural steel projects.  Ficep have a  historical background in pipe cutting, it has become more appealing from an architecture point of view, hence the need for a competant partner when considering automation in pipe cutting.

As this business grows and the requirements of customers becames more expansive, Ficep quickly evaluated that current pipe cutting equipment  available in the market doesn't always address current demands, however with colaboration there are a number of options now available to support pipe processing and customer requirements.