Costa Levigatrici

The story of the Costa Family goes back for 5 generations, starting at the beginning of 1900 with an industrial activity in Marano, Italy, during the years manufacturing hydraulic turbines, flower mills, stoves, and in 1921 the first woodworking machines. The first wide belt sander was built in 1956, today they provide deburring and grinding machines globally from 4 facilities in Italy.

The Costa range has been very popular in the UK in recent years. The compact MD4 machine is a flexible modular system providing deburring and finishing for many applications in ferrous and non-ferrous material. Ficep UK have supplied a number of these as the exclusive agent since 2017.


Jaespa specialises in the manufacture of vertical and horizontal band saw machines. The range of equipment has 4 classifications :- concept, classic, compact and comfort.

These high productivity robust systems can be applied to a range of materials from plastic, aluminium to structural steel sections and other materials as required. Ficep UK has been Jaespa a partner since 2018, We have provided many customers with Jaespa band saws to combine increased productivity with simple flexible operation, all at a competitive price.


Founded in 1977, Corimpex is a market leader in the submerged arc-welding sector for welded beam sections found in structural fabrication, bridge section manufacture and transport vehicle chassis manufacture. Thanks to its ongoing research, innovation and testing, over the years the Company has acquired the kind of extensive know-how that has earned it the trust of some of the world’s most important global customers.

The Company established its new Italian factory in Paese ( Treviso Province ), a complex that includes a 3000 square metre production facility located on a 6000 square metre site that is at the forefront of technology and safety. Ficep  has globally endorsed Corimpex as a close partner in the steel industry, the co-operation between the 2 companies has been present for over a decade. Ficep UK has been their partner since 2015.


Gasparini is a world leader roll forming machine manufacturer and technology for the production of hi-tech roll forming machine systems for the sheet metal industry.

Gasparini designs, builds and manufactures roll forming machines to customer requirements in the areas of logistics, construction, energy and automotive industry.

Today Gasparini's roll formers are used by 1500 companies around the world, a Gasparini roll former machine always guarantees to be a top performer in roll forming production enabling cost cutting productivity, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. The company have been manufacturing since 1952 and now employ 120 personnel in Design, engineering, software systems, manufacture, assembly, logistics and marketing.

Ficep UK have been an agent for over 15 years and many UK customers have seen the benefits of the automation supplied by Gasparini.


Permanent Electro – magnetic lifting and clamping systems, provided by the innovative Italian manufacturer Tecnomagnete . The company was founded in 1975 on the values of effectiveness, reliability and safety by Mr Cardone who patented the first permanent magnetic technology for the steel industry, Tecnomagnete has a facility near Milan, Italy with 200 employees manufacturing many different magnetic holding solutions for both machining centres, scrap metal sorting, structural steel plate and section lifting and the World’s bestselling MaxX manual lifting device.

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Cutlite Penta

Founded in 1992 as a division of the El.En. group, Cutlite Penta is a leading designer and developer of high-tech and high-performance fibre laser systems for metal cutting. Its range of machines are reliable, innovative and user-friendly and focus on operating needs to support customers with even the most difficult processing tasks.

From 2023, Ficep UK became the exclusive agent for the Cutlite Penta PLUS machines for metal cutting, in the UK. With a working area of up to 15m by 3m and offering processing of thick capacity steel up to 50mm using 30KW of power, the PLUS is a powerful option for heavy engineering applications.

For more information about the Cutlite Penta PLUS click here.

AGT Robotics

AGT Robotics provides flexible robotic systems for the metal fabrication industry. Present on four continents - Europe, Asia, America and Oceania - its solutions have been designed to improve the productivity and the quality of manufacturers' products.

Ficep UK became a partner with AGT Robotics in 2023, launching the SABRE welding robot into the UK market. The SABRE seamlessly tackles the most challenging and labour-intensive processes that fabricators are facing in today’s structural steel fabrication market. Read more about Ficep UK's partnership with AGT Robotics here.