FICEP is a leader worldwide for manufacturer of forging presses we has developed a revolutionary “DIRECT DRIVE” system for screw presses; this new type is called DD screw press and is based on the concept of the linear motor a very high performance motor that has been fully used in the field of CNC machine tools.

Ficep have now devised an “EXTREME HIGH TORQUE FRAMELESS MOTOR”, designed to drive directly the screw of the press.

This solution, besides being very simple from a construction point of view, makes the motor-flywheel group extremely, less sensitive to the vibrations and the strong decelerations it is subjected to with the impact effect when forging the piece on the die, furthermore, the high efficiency and the considerable dynamic performance typical of this linear motor, added to a latest generation of electronic drive, enables several advantages, both technological (accuracy, distortion capacity, repeatability) and economic (productivity, energy saving, reliability, maintenance).

Tech Specs

DD DD 12 DD 40 DD 50 DD 68 DD 85 DD 110 DD 140 DD 190 DD 270 DD 400 DD 560 DD 750 DD 1100 DD 1600
Screw diameter [mm] 160 230 255 280 305 330 368 410 455 510 560 630 710 800
Max. continuous force [kN] 4100 8500 10400 12800 14900 17500 21800 27000 33200 41600 50400 64000 80600 102400
Gross energy [kJ] 12.5 60 80 108 154 177 240 331 445 652 860 1230 1700 2500
Max stroke per minute [no.] 42 38 31 30 28 25 23 19 16 15 13 11 10 9
Ram stroke [mm] 350 450 475 475 500 500 550 650 700 800 900 1000 1100 1250
Vertical clearance [mm] 400 650 750 750 915 1100 1100 1200 1250 1400 1500 1700 1800 1800
Horizontal clearance [mm] 500 650 750 750 1000 1070 1100 1290 1350 1400 1500 1630 1800 2000


The actual production of DD screw presses can reach the nominal force of 4.000 ton (max force 8.000 ton),

and recently, FICEP R&D in cooperation with his partner SIEMENS, are developing 2 new larger models, which will bring the nominal force up to 6.400 ton (max force 12.800 ton).

Now, FICEP’s R&D department is glad to introduce “state of the art” technology in this field, thanks to the latest version developed by SIEMENS using KERS technology (Kinetic Energy Recovering System).

Over several decades, screw presses have gained an important position in the forging industry, thanks to their application versatility, accuracy of the parts that can be achieved and reduced working cost; now with the introduction of the new generation of DD screw press, FICEP has amplified these advantages.

The main features which characterize the DD screw press and make it different, compared to other forging machines, are the following:

  • Screw press with defined and controllable energy (similar to hammers, but 4 times more powerful) and without stroke limitation, compared to the crank press which is a machine with defined stroke and limited force and energy, whereas the hydraulic press is a machine with defined force.
  • Absence of a fix bottom dead center, and as a consequence:
  • No need to adjust the dies height
  • Possibility to forge in a closed die
  • High accuracy of the forged pieces thickness, which is only determined by the dies and not by the mass or temperature of the starting slug.
  • The same accuracy is maintained in the time, as the thickness is not influenced by the machine temperature;
  • Reduced set-up time;
  • Possibility to carry out more forging stroke in the same die, allowing the realization of more complex pieces or with larger dimensions, in comparison with other presses having the same capacity;
  • Not improper stops for the machine due to an excess of forged piece mass, or an insufficient temperature of the slug, or for a wrong adjustment of the press stroke.