Automatic disc sawing lines with “carbide tipped” blades, specifically meant for the sawing of pipes

This range of high-performance sawing machines is characterized by an extremely sturdy construction with high structural stiffness. The life of the blade and the sawing quality are ensured by the automatic modulation of the cutting parameters during the working cycle; in particular, this implies the execution of the dynamic adjustments of the blade rotation speed and of the head feed during the entry/exit phase in the pipe, where the metal section engaged by the blade is larger compared to the central part whose thickness is minimum, thus reducing also the cycle time. Furthermore, these sawing machines are fitted with a special blade guiding system with 3 couples of high resistance steel sliding blocks with air operated support, which reduce to a minimum the vibrations produced during the working cycle and ensure a high quality of the sawn piece.


Tech Specs

SP S 50P S 56P S 80P S 90P S 110P S 140P
Disc Diameter [max. mm] 500 560 800 900 1120 1300
Pipe External Diameter (min/max) [mm] 40/150 40/180 60/230 60/280 11/350 120/420
Pipe thickness [% on E.D.] >5% >5% >3% >3% >3% >3%
Installed power [kW] 36 39 55 58 90 100