Hydraulic Hot Shears CTCH Series

Ficep is, by far, the world's leading manufacturer of fully automated hot shear lines. The Ficep CTCH series are able to shear slugs at forging temperature next to the forge press. From bar stock to finish forging, all controlled by the press operator. The Ficep Hot Shear ensures the best return on investment due to:

  • Elimination of unnecessary material handling.
  • Elimination of sheared parts storage.
  • The ability to make immediate volume adjustments to compensate for forge tool wear.
  • Lowers the ultimate material cost required.
  • Reduces scrap.
  • Allows the shearing of cold shear crack sensitive materials.
  • Inline process reduces the relative energy cost.
  • Consolidation of operations reduces the labor cost.
CTCH CTCH 70 CTCH 100 CTCH 140 CTCH 180 CTCH 250 CTCH 300

Round (min / max Ø1150°C) [mm]

30/70 40/120 50/160 80/200 100/250 100/300

Square (min / max Ø1150°C) [mm]

30/60 40/100 50/140 80/180 100/250 100/250

Installed power [kW]

30 50 64 100 150 160

The hot shears of the “CTCH” series are able to heat and cut the bars in one only operation for immediate press feeding. These machines ensure the best return on investment because of:

• Possibility to shear steels that cannot be cold sheared

• Reduction of the material flow inside the factory

• Reduction of the material cost

• Reduction of the forging scrap

• Reduction of the heating cost

• Reduction of the costs for the personnel involved