Smartline is an excellent example of streamlined lean manufacturing techniques: a very competitive price for the highest level of technology in wheel blast.This machine is equipped with top class turbines, the benchmark in shotblasting, with the famous patented ETA system, which allow a well distributed shot pattern called the hotspot, an incredible surface treatment feature, unique around the world.

This entry level equipment is suited to the small to medium size fabricator and benefits users with the flexibility required in a smaller business.

Key Advantages:

  • Shotblast Wheel:The Smartline is equipped with four Roto-Jet blast wheels offering excellent blasting performance and unbeatable service life due to the main blast components made of hardened tool steel.
  • Shotblast Cabinet: The shotblast cabinet is completely manufactured from manganese, an extremely hard material which can deal with shotblasting from 35HRC to more than 50HRC. In the hot spot area, additional 10mm thick manganese plates are fitted.
  • Abrasive Removal Unit: Rotating brushes remove the shot left on the workpiece after the blasting process, which is moved to a rotating screw conveyor, bringing the shot back into circulation.
  • Cartridge Filter Unit: Rust and shot dust generated during the blasting process are exhausted by a cartridge filter unit designed in solid steel sheet and mounted on top of the machine. The filters clean the cartridges automatically and continuously using an air pressure pulse.
  • Abrasive Shot Blast: During its circular movement inside the machine, the blast shot is continuously cleaned of contamination. For a good blasting result, a balanced mix of new and used blast shot is imperative.
  • Loading and Unloading: Blasting machines can be integrated into a drilling and sawing line thanks to cross transfers and auxiliary rollerways, to have a fully automatic system.




Tech Specs

Machine entrance size [mm] 1500x800
Wheels [no.] 4
Installed driving capacity [max kW] 11
Turbines diameter [mm] 380
Blades width [mm] 65
Plates width [max mm] 1500
Beam size [max] HEB1000