Katana is the latest Ficep development in the field of band sawing. This machine can carry out extremely fast, top-quality operations when processing profiles with up to 60° mitered cuts. Katana is available as a stand-alone saw, a complete sawing line or as a combined solution with our drilling lines.

The advantages of Katana:

  • Mitring cuts up to 60° in each direction
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Extremely fast cutting speed whilst maintaining accurate cuts
  • Remote diagnosis is possible through a network connection that allows our service team to perform routine checks
  • Thanks to a special device the line can be equipped for semi-automatic processing of pipes
  • Quick and easy to replace the saw blade as required
  • A synchronized brush will automatically remove chips from the blade.




Tech Specs


Profile size at 90° [min mm]

60x60 80x10 80x10 80x10 80x10 200x10 200x10 200x10

Profile size at 90° [max mm]

610x450 1015x450 1015x450 1100x510 1250x610 2000x610 2000x800 2540x815

Profile size at 45° [max mm]

400x450 620x450 685x450 710x510 810x610 1320x600 1320x800 1320x815

Profile size at 60° [max mm]

250x450 420x420 450x450 460x510 510x610 - - -

Motor power [kW]

9 9 9 15 15 18 18 18

Band saw blade speed [max mt/min]

150 170 170 170 170 170 170 170

Band saw blade size [mm]

41x1.3x6700 41x1.3x7880 41x1.3x7250 54x1.6x9920 67x1.6x10500 67x1.6x12100 67x1.6x12930 67x1.6x12100

Machine weight [kg]

3000 6000 5000 11500 12600 16500 17500 19000

The Katana 100 machine is specifically designed to improve speed.The blade has a steeper rake to facilitate less wear on the blade and the robust design of the arc overall further reduces the risk of vibration.

When cutting at both 45 and 60 degrees the new improved inclined arc gives up to 40% increase in the size of the section that canbe processed when mitring, compared to previous Ficep band saws. Our automatic magnetic small parts and scrap removal device has been specifically modified to suit this saw toprovide our customers with the most efficient handsfree material unloading device available.

Whilst we have made these improvements, the saw is still one of the most compact-sized machines built for sawing applications on heavy sections up to 1,000 mm wide and 450 mm high.

The horizontal clamps operate simultaneously with the moveable blade guide which is automatically adjusted closer to the material when mitring,saving valuable operational cycle time.

This combined with the vertical clamps positioning control made by the CNC, adjusts automatically to the correct position and section size, further improving the overall efficiency when sawing sections and different steel profiles.