The Nozomi robot makes it the optimum choice for the fabrication of structural shapes and round pipes with plasma thermal cutting technology. For mechanical openings, weld prep and in some applications bolt holes this high technology coping line provides maximum efficiency. An additional advantage is the use of the plasma torch for marking. This opens up capabilities such as part marking, layout locations with orientation and weld symbols all within the same thermal processing cell.


Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

The Nozomi is one of our latest innovations and provides the following advantages: 

  • Articulating Robotic Arm: State-of-the-art robotic system equipped with 9 axes to allow 4-sides processing.
  • Clamping: Automatic clamping devices guarantee perfect position of the profile .
  • Laser Scanner: This new laser scanner technology is used to probe multiple surfaces of the profile in seconds. This eliminates the need to mechanically probe the different section surfaces for each cut to establish an accurate torch start location.
  • Fume Exhaust System: The exhaust system filters the particulate matter generated by the thermal cutting operations. The air is filtered according to the latest health and safety requirements.
  • CNC Library: This machine is equipped with a CNC library of macros to generate the most efficient cutting routines.
  • Hypertherm True Hole: Hypertherm’s “True Hole” technology is available on this model.
  • 3D Simulator: Graphical 3D simulator shows the visualization of the process prior to cutting.

Tech Specs

Specifications: Robotic Coping Lines 601 RAZ 1201 RAZ
Number of robotic axis on the coper 9 9
Plasma torch Hypertherm Hypertherm
Laser scanning of profile for mill tolerance deviations Yes No
Articulating robot vendor Fanuc Fanuc
Weld prep in the web 40 40
Programmable weld prep angles ± 45° ± 45°
Fourth side cutting for tubes Yes Yes