Celebrating 30 years of Steel Projects’ innovations

Ficep UK joined in with celebrations to mark Steel Projects’ 30th anniversary. A Ficep Group company, Steel Projects has been at the forefront of developing innovative production management software solutions for steel fabricators since 1994.

Founded in Vienne, France, this 30 year milestone gives us the opportunity to reflect on the journey and achievements that have defined Steel Projects over the past three decades.

Ficep UK's partnership with Steel Projects

Ficep UK has proudly partnered with Steel Projects since 2013, providing a UK-based team to address the needs of our customers. This partnership ensures that our clients benefit from the latest advancements in production management software, tailored to meet the specific demands of the steel fabrication industry.

30 years of innovation and growth

The origins of Steel Projects trace back to the 1980s where the idea took off within a steel fabrication company, where the first software package was created. This early innovation paved the way for the launch of the “Tecno” software, which is where the long-standing collaboration with the Ficep Group began.

In 1994, Steel Projects was formally established, introducing its “Win” software generation, leading the way in the software industry for steel fabricators. The 2000s saw Steel Projects’ collaboration with the Ficep Group strengthen with a shift towards a combined machine and software sales approach, which drove international expansion.

In 2008 Steel Projects set up its first foreign subsidiary in Canada, supporting its global expansion. This was followed by the launch of the 3rd generation of Steel Projects’ software - Steel Projects PLM - in 2011. This modular production management solution still stands as the most comprehensive in the steel construction market.

The acquisition of Steel Projects by our parent company Ficep Group in 2013 marked an important strategic step in it becoming integrated with Ficep’s “Intelligent Fabrication” strategy. This period of growth continued with the opening of additional subsidiaries in the United States in 2014, in Italy in 2020 and in Malaysia in 2024. In addition to providing an improved service to its customers in the regions, the company now covers a large number of time zones for its customer support.

Important Industry 4.0 development

In 2017 Steel Projects launched its first mobile application to analyse the productivity of Ficep machines. This first app will be followed by others with functionalities including management of manual stations and real-time monitoring of workshop activity, to support productivity. This strategic shift reflects Steel Projects’ commitment to developing Industry 4.0-compatible solutions, which is at the heart of Steel Projects’ Research and Development strategy.

Looking to the future

As Steel Projects celebrates its 30th anniversary, we look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence in partnership with them. With a vision for the future that includes a move to cloud-based solutions and expanding our global reach, Steel Projects remains a reliable and forward-thinking partner for steel fabricators worldwide.

We extend our warm wishes and congratulations to the Steel Projects business from us all at Ficep UK on this impressive milestone. We look forward to the exciting developments that lie ahead.

For more information about Steel Projects and its software solutions, please call Ficep UK today to speak to a UK-based expert.