Ficep UK’s Finance and Administration’s Manager, Pam Allen reflects on her time with the company as she celebrates 10 years of being a part of the team.

Ficep UK’s Finance and Administration’s Manager, Pam Allen reflects on her time with the company as she celebrates 10 years of being a part of the team.

Ten years ago Pam Allen decided to take up a casual position cleansing the company database whilst slowly returning to work after having her son. It was then that Pam stepped into Ficep unknowingly about to find herself with a lasting career that she loves.

After a few one off jobs with Ficep and meeting Managing Director Mark Jones, it soon became apparent that there was a definite need for Pam’s expertise on the team. With previous experience dealing with accounts after working at a bank, she found herself doing more and more account management for Ficep UK. A few months later, after becoming increasingly familiar with Ficep as a business, she became the ideal candidate for the permanent position of accounts manager.

Since then Pam has become the first port of call for all things Ficep related thanks to her skills and experience allowing her to work harmoniously amongst the team. This eventually led her to her now official role of Finance and Administration manager, a role she marked with her ten year Ficep anniversary in August. 

Becoming a part of the team

“When I came to Ficep I was doing a few one off jobs, but Mark Jones, our managing director, could see that I had experience in accounts. When you do accounts, you can apply your skills in any industry. However, I’ve gone from knowing the basics about Ficep to now being actively involved in other decision making processes throughout the company.

“Whilst my job role doesn’t require me to know the extremely technical side of Ficep, I have great knowledge of all different departments and how they operate, and often contribute to the general running of Ficep.”

Why Ficep has been a great place to work

One of the reasons Pam loves her job and has reached such a milestone is down to the support she has received from the get go.

“From the beginning, I wasn’t pigeonholed, Mark gave me the support I needed to use all my skills in the best way for Ficep. I think this translates throughout the whole team here, everyone is so supportive and it makes the job a pleasure. I don’t think I would still be here if it wasn’t for the people I’m working with. I never dread Monday and every day flies by; I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else now.”


What does the next 10 years look like at Ficep?

In her decade at Ficep UK, Pam has seen the company grow from strength to strength and understands what it has taken and the obstacles overcome in order to succeed.

“Ficep are constantly expanding and growing and that’s something I’ve watched come to life in the last ten years and will continue to do so. Each part of the business is becoming stronger, more advanced and successful every year to meet the demands of the industry. What’s really different is that even though we’re constantly expanding, we’re the UK’s leading steel fabrication machinery supplier and have our Italian parent company that is recognised globally, it still really feels like a close knit, family run business.”

Pam has loved her career with Ficep UK and is extremely proud to work with her team and often finds herself reflecting on the company that she has spent ten years with.

“It’s really special that in our headquarters, just off of the M62, our team is part of a global group on the forefront of steel fabrication technology and sometimes I forget that we’re a part of something so big.”