Further production and efficiency gains for Billington Structures

Billington Structures, one of the UK’s top steel contractors, says that proven efficiency and productivity gains from existing Ficep machines have led to their most recent Ficep orders.

The business, which operates out of three sites based at Yate, Wombwell and Shafton, has recently invested in two new Ficep systems - a new Valiant and its second Gemini - taking its total number of Ficep systems, across all sites, to seven.

The new Gemini CNC plate machining system is to be installed in its 11,032m2 facility in Shafton, which Billington uses for fabrication and processing. This machine will be added to the existing Gemini bed to increase the length and capabilities which Billington anticipates will further increase its efficiency and productivity. The Geminis can work independently or in tandem.

The heavy-duty Valiant drill and saw line was purchased for Billington’s site in Wombwell, a 5,082m2 facility used for fabrication, shotblasting and painting. The Valiant drill and saw line will replace its existing Ficep drill and saw line which had served the business well for over 23 years. The new Valliant’s efficiencies and capabilities are expected to further enhance the site’s performance.

Billington Structures’ Production Director said: “We have installed numerous Ficep machines over recent years, including saw and drill lines, plate machines, plate girder lines and a shotblast machine. All these have been installed within programme and have been effective. We’ve found Ficep personnel professional throughout the procurement, installation and more importantly, aftersales process.

“All these machines have made our business more efficient, flexible and productive over the various applications they were purchased for. It’s been a pleasure to see our company develop and innovate over the years and Ficep has played an integral part in the production process. I am sure our future investments will involve Ficep.”