Lifestyle changes reignited our Sales Manager’s passion for cycling

As part of this year’s Cycle to Work Day (5th August), we take the opportunity to share a story which we hope will inspire others to dust off their bikes and get back in the saddle.

You’d expect that Chris Berriman, our UK Sales Manager, would clock up a few miles travelling around the country to meet customers and visit sites, but few may know that he also covers well over 100 miles on the saddle of a bike, every week.

Chris is an avid cyclist, having taken up cycling again in 2019 after 15 years off the saddle. In October 2019 Chris was living with Type 2 diabetes and was referred by his GP to a diabetes remission pilot programme in a bid to reverse his diabetes and restore the function of his pancreas. The programme encouraged Chris to build in regular exercise alongside the programme-controlled healthy eating plan.

After 12 months Chris has successfully reversed his diabetes and has regained normal pancreatic function. Chris says: “I had Type 2 diabetes after years of poor diet and very little exercise. Using the diabetes remission program and changing my lifestyle with strict diet and exercise I am now diabetes-free and have a normal blood sugar level. I lost over five stone in total and I’m determined to keep it off. It wasn’t easy and it took absolute commitment and determination and following the programme to the letter.

“Not only has the programme helped reverse my diabetes, which in itself is life-changing, it has also reignited my love of cycling, which is now very much part of my life again, and long may it continue. I cycle at least 100 miles a week, including cycling an 18-mile round commute to Ficep in Wakefield from my home, when I can. My wife now also cycles with me and so we enjoy getting out and seeing the glorious Yorkshire scenery as a family at the weekends, too.”

Chris Berriman, Ficep UK's sales manager

Chris Berriman, Ficep UK's Sales Manager