Meet the team: Neil Wood, Tooling and Stock Coordinator.

How did you get into the industry/what’s your background?

This is my first job in the steel industry. Prior to joining Ficep I worked in the despatch department at Betty’s Tea Rooms in the main bakery, it was a family run company, and I really enjoyed my time there. My first full-time job was in the production office at a timber merchants in Leeds. I have brought many skills I learned there to my role at Ficep, although I’m finding the steel industry to be more technical.

What does your role at Ficep involve?

As a Tooling and Stock Coordinator, I make sure our vending machines are set up to our customers’ requirements and ensure the day-to-day smooth running of the machines. A key part of my role is analysing daily, weekly and monthly reports for customers so that they have full knowledge of what consumables are being used, how often they need restocking and giving insights into who is using what and when.

How does your role help customers?

The biggest benefit to customers is that these vending machines help our customers save time and money, we adjust levels accordingly to ensure an ample amount of stock is always held. Ficep vending machines are designed to avoid stock outs and keep machines running when new tooling is required. Stock levels are automatically checked by the software and save the customer from having to carry out hands-on stock checks. The generated reports are then regularly emailed to both myself and the customer. I visit sites regularly and when I am not on site, I am just a phone call away to answer any queries.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Although new to the industry, I can already see the huge benefits Ficep vending machines can offer our customers. Being able to promote and oversee this innovation for our customers gives me a great sense of fulfilment. I enjoy being part of such a close-knit industry-leading company which has such a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce. I’m learning lots every day and love that no two days ever feel the same.   

What are your key strengths?

I’m a positive thinker and try to bring that to everything I do. I have a huge amount of pride in all my work. I’m a firm believer that if you have the right mindset and think positively you can achieve almost anything.

What are your interests outside of work?

I regularly play golf and Crown Green Bowls. I have played bowls for nearly 20 years and have captained both Leeds and Yorkshire at junior level. I also enjoy running and going to the gym and am a keen supporter of Leeds United.  I also have a passion for horse racing and would love to own a racehorse one day.