Partnership in Profile: Ficep and Corimpex

In the second of our Partnership in Profile features, Ficep MD Mark Jones looks at the long-standing partnership between Ficep and Corimpex, and the benefits this offers our customers.

Our partnership with market-leading welding equipment manufacturer Corimpex dates back over 20 years. What began as a partnership between our respective Italian parent companies soon extended across all global subsidiaries, giving Ficep customers access to specialist welding systems from a trusted partner that complement our product range.

Corimpex equipment is typically used with large steel sections for applications such as cellular beams for wide span buildings, bridge building and other structures requiring bespoke size beam sections. Knowing that we have a reliable supply partner in this area means we can support Ficep customers who have this requirement.

A brief history

Founded in 1977, Corimpex is now a market leader in the submerged arc-welding sector, known for reliable products and the ability to manufacture customised systems to meet the requirements of customers across the globe. Manufacturing at a 3,000m2 technologically advanced factory in Paese, Italy, the company produces welding lines, manipulators, rotators and positioners, for manufacturing monopoles, cylinders and other special products.

The Corimpex product range

The Corimpex beam welding line series is designed for the manufacture of welded T and double T girder-beams with a parallel or converging flange and enables welding to be carried out with the web located vertically and without the need for tacking. Products range from a light duty series to a medium, heavy and extra heavy-duty series, and the welding line can also be equipped with a control PLC, a user interface with touch screen panel, and an Ethernet network connector.

The latest development is REVOLVER™ is an innovative 180° welding machine, which enables quick beam profile rotation and forward/backward welding processes. The machine takes up half the space and manpower of alternative systems and eliminates the need for overhead cranes.

Corimpex manipulators include standard column and boom manipulators, as well as a specialist machine that can weld straight, conical, and shaped beams. The team can also design and manufacture bespoke manipulators to meet specific customer requirements.

The company also manufactures a variety of rotators and positioners with varying load capacities, from basic to advanced products. Its MAR-series of conventional roller positioners is capable of handling a range of diameters and ideal for a variety of applications. Products in the AAR self-aligning roller positioners series are ideal for positioning and rotating cylindrical items of varying diameters and guaranteeing automatic alignment.

Corimpex pole-welding lines will weld single-shell cylindrical, octagonal or conical poles and, its automatic tank-welding machines are designed for internal and external horizontal welding of cylinders with diameters of three metres and upwards.

Alongside its core product range, Corimpex offers a range of ancillary systems, designed and built in house to integrate seamlessly with its traditional welding units.


Ficep MD Mark Jones says, “We’ve worked with the Corimpex team on numerous projects. Working across similar industries, both of our businesses share a focus on customer satisfaction, a commitment to quality and innovation, and a desire to help our customers achieve operational efficiencies. We know when we work with Corimpex or recommend them to our customers that they’ll be in very safe hands.