Partnership in Profile: Ficep and Gasparini

In the third of our Partnership in Profile features, Sales Manager Chris Berriman looks at our long-standing partnership with roll forming line systems manufacturer, Gasparini.

We have been working with Gasparini for almost two decades, and the relationship between the two companies in Italy dates back even further. Our shared values, approach and ethos make this a strong partnership between two like-minded businesses.

A brief history

Established in Italy in 1952, Gasparini S.p.A designs, builds and manufactures roll forming machines and bespoke systems for the sheet metal industry. Today, Gasparini systems are used by over 1500 businesses worldwide and the company, which currently operates in 35 countries across five continents, is committed to maintaining and growing its global presence.

The decision to focus solely on the roll forming market and a desire to continually improve manufacturing capabilities has seen Gasparini expand its range of machines and solutions over the years. Vast experience and production capabilities, coupled with the ongoing technological development of its roll form machine products, has allowed the business to build systems for many different applications and market sectors.

Customers operate primarily in the logistics, construction, energy, and automotive industries, but Gasparini machines can also be seen in many other industries.

A meeting of minds

One of the reasons Ficep and Gasparini fit so well together is our shared approach to innovation. Since its formation in 1952, Gasparini has focused on “anticipating market trends and transforming them into strategies for growth”. It is this ethos of continuous innovation that has kept the company at the forefront of the forming field, and the reason why we are proud to partner with them.

The Gasparini difference

Investing in high quality resources and embracing innovation sit at the heart of Gasparini’s success. Effectiveness and efficiency studies carried out within the business form the basis for every new machine development. This approach ensures that Gasparini is constantly improving efficiency and quality, maintaining the company’s competitive advantage, and creating added value for customers.

From exhaust pipes to supermarket shelving systems, and the manufacture of industrial lighting to vineyard posts, Gasparini machines are used across a variety of industries. Every system is tailor made to meet the unique roll forming requirements of individual customers, and this is what really sets the business apart.

Chris Berriman says, “Gasparini is a leading manufacturer offering technically advanced and high quality, bespoke roll forming lines and sheet processing systems. Their products and approach work well in the steel construction industry, and we are proud to represent Gasparini here in the UK.”