Responding to a changing market with tools and consumables

Responding to a changing market with tools and consumables

After our recent success securing a number of long term vending machine deal’s - which automate the control of stock inventory - we’ve taken a look back on how we’ve responded to a changing market to meet the needs of our customers.

Tools and consumables have always been available at Ficep UK to a small degree, recently we’ve invested in and developed this side of the business to support customers.

Reducing downtime with the Ficep vending machine

Over the last five years, we’ve had a growing number of technical queries around machines, milling and drilling technology, all of which led to a management decision to provide our own tooling and consumables range.

It turned out to be a successful decision, which has enabled us to stay at the forefront of evolving customer demands and enabled us to take the bold step of introducing our own tooling vending machines this year.

The Ficep vending machines are designed to automate control of stock inventory by sending usage and performance reports to our technical support team, who can then ensure the vending machine is fully stocked - reducing downtime by ensuring all tools are readily available in-house. Customers can add Ficep tools into the vending machines but can also supply their own tools, health & safety equipment, also consumables if required.

Our investment stretched beyond new technologies and automation to finding the right personnel to support this area of growth for the business. Our team is the driving force behind our operation and customer support and we needed a team member with the skill set and knowledge to manage and support customers with technical queries around our machines. We now have one industry specialist in this newly created role with future plans to create a separate team of specialists to manage and support the stock inventory for the machines.

Maximising machine lifespan with the right tools and support

A team of knowledgeable professionals enables us and the client to monitor the performance of the machines - particularly consumable parts - which helps extend the machine’s lifespan.

We have the capability to supply the customer with the right tools, for the right machine, and for the right job.

With a 10 year working relationship and partnership with our suppliers, the majority of the tools and consumables for our machines are provided for the workshop, other machines and jobs, we rely on different local suppliers to meet customer needs.

For more information on how we can support your machining needs and technical queries, call our technical support team on 01924 897 756 or email